Friday, September 12, 2008

Jen's wedding

I have known my friend Jen since first grade. We lived down the street from each other and spent almost everyday together growing up. At our 10 year high school reunion she asked me to be a part of her wedding. I was so honored! Here are some pictures (quite a few, but how could I resist???) of the beautiful day. This is Jen and her new husband Ken! This is all of the beautiful bridesmaids and a few groomsmen! We couldn't have been blessed with a more beautiful day.

Oliver is all ready to party!
Larry, Oliver and I.

Jen is getting her hair done.
This is a picture of my funky hairdo. It looked like a bow tie. How many opportunities do you have to have a fun updo??? I thought I would go with it!Jennifer with her family. Her sister, Julie, was the maid of honor.
Larry with Christy and Heather (her date) haha. Christy's date had to back out last minute due to a prior commitment. So, Christy decided to bring her friend Heather. It was really fun because Heather grew up with Jen, Julie, Christy and I. We were like one big happy family as kids.
Papa and Oliver. Doesn't Oliver look like a little man sitting there?

Jen's beautiful dress.

Jen, Julie and I at the head table.

Laura, Jen and I.
Laura and I.
Christy and I being silly!
How could we pass up an updated high school photo? It is official....all of us are now married!

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