Friday, March 20, 2009

Bob's birthday party

Bob turned 30!!!! His only request was that it involve beer and bowling. What an easy request to fill! Here is the card that I made for him. Bob blowing out the candles.

Look closely...this two requests are fulfilled....the candles are beer bottles and bowling pins!! Where did Kim find those?? Perfect!
Ryan, Steve and Maya!The two best buds, Oliver and Ryan. There were entertaining themselves by running back and forth down the hallway for quite some time. They also enjoyed playing with their two cats.

Oliver manged to pull a loaf of bread off the counter and indulge in a little snack! We continually laugh that he is the carbohydrate child. He will eat ANYTHING that contains carbs! He was so proud of himself, but so concerned that I was going to take it away from. He stuffed his mouth so full of bread that he couldn't even talk! Still stuffing..good thing it was snack time!

Just a little full! Could he possibly fit anymore in there??
We made a dessert for Bob's birthday party and I let Oliver lick the beaters. It was cool whip mixed with yogurt so it wasn't such a bad snack. At first, he wasn't sure what to do with them but once I showed him, it was all excitement from there!
More dessert...mmmm! I made cookies a few days after this and he thought that he was welcome to indulge in the beaters again. He had a mild melt down when I placed them in the sink. I tried to explain to him that raw eggs are not acceptable to eat but I don't think he understood! hee hee

A day at the museum

Carolyn, Amanda and I all met at a local museum to let the kids explore. Maya, Drew and Oliver are enjoying time as mates in the boat. Drew, the captain, is steering them to shore. Man overboard! It looks as if they are searching for something out of the boat!

Oliver wouldn't get out of the boat. They had a perfect view of the turtles and fish from there.

The otters were outside enjoying the warm weather the day we were there. The kids just absolutely enjoyed watching them swim by. They were extremely active and put on a great show for us.

Back inside near the tank that housed the turtles. Oliver was very intrigued by them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random February Pictures

Bob would be so proud that Oliver is properly using his "da-dur-da-dur"! The proper way to use a recycled paper towel core is to put it next to your lips and loudly yell "da-dur-da-dur"!!!!! Oliver caught on easily!
Katie's birthday party!!!

Ryan is helping Katie blow out the candles. Good thing he was there to help. Do you see ALL those candles?

I was very suspicious at the level of INactivity by Oliver and the dog. I walked around the corner of the couch to see both of them soaking up some rays! I have found them sitting in this same spot numerous times!

He loves his little firetruck!

Silly face.

He insisted on wearing his hat while he ate lunch. As a parent, you learn to just let some things go. This is a prime example of one of them!! Silly boy!

I was watching Ryan and Maya while Amanda was getting her hair cut. I took Sophie outside to go potty and came back to this. Hilarious. Thank goodness the toilet lock was on!! They sure had a great time!


IU played Purdue in men's basketball. We were given this jersey from a friend as a hand-me-down! How perfect. We were getting ready to watch the game at our friends house and I was giving Oliver a crash course in the proper way to say PU. This picture captures it perfectly!!

While we were waiting for daddy to finish getting ready, he managed to rearrange is drawer.

and try to get in the bathtub.


Oliver and Larry love bonding time no matter what they are doing. This is day one....Oliver and daddy snoozing on the couch after reading a bedtime story. Day two...asleep again! I wonder who falls asleep first???

Three days in a row. I think this picture captures the truth. Oliver must put Larry to sleep!!!

Oliver has been very interested in pillows lately. He, of course, doesn't have one in his bed, but is very attached to them while he has quiet time before bedtime. This specific pillow is one that Grammy sent in his Valentine's Day box! As you can tell, he surely is attached to it!

Helping Out

Larry installed Tot Loks on all our kitchen drawers. We have had them placed on our cabinet doors for some time now, but Oliver has become extremely interested in the drawer contents now. Larry was able to design a way to make them work on the drawers. With a little planning and lots of trial and error (oh yeah, and the help of Oliver) he was able to successfully install them!!! Here is the website if anyone is interested in them. It is a magnetic locking system that doesn't deface the front of the cabinets. They are AWESOME because you can disable them at any time!! I just love them.

A little turn here and another turn there. Who thought a screwdriver could taste so good! I cringe to think of the germs that are on there! eek!
Playing the the box that was in the kitchen after everything was cleaned up!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Oliver's Grammy, Papa and Aunt Christy sent a super huge box of Valentine's Day goodies. As he was opening and opening gifts I was reminded of Christmas morning. Cupid and Santa must be close friends!!! He had a lot of fun opening the presents, but also a great time playing with the box!!Still enjoying the box!We Skyped our family as we opened the gifts. I thought it would be funny to take a picture of them watching us.
Aunt Christy sent him a kids Nalgene bottle. He loves it so much!!!
Who wouldn't want to "be mine"?

I made these cookies for Oliver to pass out to all his friends. The little tag says, "Bee mine in 09". How cute!!!

He is all ready to pass them out! Who is going to be his Valentine today???

Park Day

We had a very unseasonably warm day in February. We, along with a ton of other children, took great advantage of it and spent a few hours at the park.
He didn't need any assistance going down the slide all by himself.

1st Black Eye

Oliver has his first black eye. He fell at a friend's house and hit his head (eye) on their play kitchen. It happened on Super Bowl Sunday and it didn't appear until Tuesday evening. How strange. Here is a three day progression of our injured little guy. The good thing is that he didn't complain about it other than when he fell.

Madysen's Birthday!

Our little neighbor girl turned 5 and had a fun birthday party at a place where they have many large inflatable jumping toys! Oliver thoroughly enjoyed himself! Larry had to do a little coaxing in the beginning, but it didn't take long before he was ready to go! What goes up..... must come down!
Madysen, the birthday girl in the flower dress, is helping Oliver make it down the slide!