Sunday, June 29, 2008

Standing already?!?!?!?!

Aunt Christy bought Oliver this awesome sit to stand music toy. It has a little bear on the top that shakes and moves and makes lots of noise! We got it out when he was a couple of months old and put the top portion on the floor. When he was able to sit on his own, we put the middle section in. Now that he is pulling himself up (thank goodness we lowered his crib already! sniffle sniffle) we put the second middle section in. He is now able to pull himself up and hold on to play. We do stand close by because he is not 100% stable yet, but he thinks he is the BIGGEST boy! I just can't believe this is happening so soon!!!!

On your mark, get set....


Oliver has mastered CRAWLING! We are so thrilled to see him moving around the floor! He has been working on crawling for the past few weeks. He was able to get up with his hands but just couldn't get his knees underneath him. Then we saw him trying to get his knees to cooperate, but just couldn't get it all working together correctly. Finally, on Monday the 23rd, I saw him move forward for the first time. I was drying my hair in the bathroom and my necklace had fallen off onto the floor. He took 2 "crawls" for it. Now mind you, we have been walking around with the video camera strapped to our hand because we knew it was going to happen soon. Of course, the video camera was downstairs and I had a hair dryer in my hand. I yelled for Christy to come and she confirmed that it was official! We were both able to witness it! I kept chuckling to myself..."Wouldn't daddy be proud that he crawled for a necklace first." haha We took this video tonight so that we could share is newly mastered skill with all of you! In the video you can see that his mission is to get the remote control but catches all of us sitting with cameras and video cameras. He shows an interest in us, but then realizes that he is on a mission to get the remote and corrects his course! I just love to see him moving now! Oh how our lives are going to change! Baby Gates, here we come!!!!

8 month picture

8 month picture.
I guess it took awhile for me to get is posted, but here it finally is. I have a great appreciation for those patient people who work at photography studios! It is SOOO hard to get a good picture of him now. I have been taking them in the same place with the same white blanket so that we can get a good concept of how much his is growing and changing. Well, I think we may be moving the "studio" to the floor so he doesn't fall off the couch now. He is WAY more interested in what is going on elsewhere instead of the camera that used to get his attention. Out with old and in with whatever is new and moving!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Hat

We took Christy's friends back to the airport on Wednesday. We had to leave the house at 5:30 to beat a majority of the rush hour traffic. We loaded Oliver in the car in his pj's and gave him a bottle. He slept the entire way there (an hour and a half) and the entire way home. We stopped at the Amish Auction by our house to see what they were selling this week. We woke him up and had to change him out of his pj's into his clothes. The shirt got stuck on his head and Aunt Christy just happened to have her camera close by. He thought it was really funny!

He wants milk!!! HE CAN SIGN!!!

We have been signing to Oliver since the time he couldn't even see 2 feet in front of his cute little scrunchy eyes! Previously, when we have signed to him, we think he is understanding by the reaction of his facial expressions and his body actions. This past week he finally communicated to us by signing back!!!!! It is AMAZING!!! For those of you who don't know sign language (we are learning too, thanks to a wonderful set of video's called Signing Time.) the sign for milk is clenching your fist closed and then opening your hand and repeating the process. Sometimes if he is ready for breakfast or dinner he signs this too, but it primarily is used for wanting milk.

Aunt Christy was videotaping him trying to crawl and caught him telling her he was hungry. I attribute the grumpiness to the fact that he wants milk! The video may be a little long, but I couldn't figure out how to chop portions of it off. He is too cute anyway to cut any part of it out! Sophie just couldn't pass up the opportunity to be on camera either! You can hear Christy's friends in the background talking on their cell phones! ENJOY!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A day out in the twin counties!

After church today we went to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise. We were able to eat outside on their veranda. It was a gorgeous day to enjoy being outside. After dinner, we went to two local wineries. The girls have never been wine tasting, so it was an awesome new adventure for them. I hope they had a great time. We purchased a few of the wines to enjoy while they are here!
Chrisy, Allison, Heather and Oliver at dinner.
Mindy, Oliver and Larry at Friday's Creek. It is a winery that is located in a neighboring county.
The girls were being a little goofy. This was the second winery! Needless to say, some of them snoozed on the way home.
These girls have their cell phones attached to their ears 24/7. I thought I was a cell phone addict until I saw them! I jokingly threatened them that I was going to steal their cell phones away for a couple of hours just to see if they could survive. All three of them got a little hostile when I said that to them. haha They couldn't handle it! Here they are at the winery out in the peaceful country, checking their cell phones. What silly girls! I just can't believe how quickly they can type a text message. I sound like I am 40! haha
Daddy and Ollie admiring the artwork of local artists.
Since we were driving past, Larry and I ran into the greenhouse/nursery to check out stone for a retaining wall. While we were gone, the girlies were attempting to keep Oliver entertained. (He was on the verge of getting fussy.) They tried everything until he became attached to the wine bottle. I guess it worked! We had better screen our babysitters from now on!
He looks so tan in this picture. I guess the beach worked!

A day at the Beach! - June 21st

We spent most of the day today at the beach! It was Oliver's first time! Here daddy and he are playing in the water.
He rolled off the beach towel and found himself in the sand. What a new texture! He couldn't resist playing in it. He is working at grasping little things with his pointer finger and thumb. It was a perfect way to practice!

I don't think the lotion tasted too good, but it sure was fun to play with.
Here are the girls catching some rays!
We went to Solomon's Island after the beach. We went into a few of the shops. How could we resist a crabby family picture?
All of us ended up wearing IU sweatshirts. We were all ready for a bon-fire that Larry was getting ready. SMORES was our cheer here!

Rubber Ducky- You're the one!- June 20th

Grammy bought Oliver this cool rubber ducky while we were shopping this past week. Bath time is so much fun now. He doesn't have to sit back in the baby bath tub any longer. We let him sit like a big boy and play with all of his toys.
He likes to stick out his tongue and blow bubbles. It makes such a crazy mess, but is very funny to watch!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oliver's first trip to the capital!- June 20th

We toured D.C. with Christy's friends, Allison and Heather. It was their first time to the Nation's capital. It was also Oliver's first time! Here he is snoozing in the stroller as we walked across the mall. Much to Allison's surprise (or disappointment), the mall is a large grassy area, not actually a shopping area.
Mommy and Oliver outside the White House!
Heather, Allison, Oliver and Christy sitting on the steps of the Capital!
Heather and Allison at the airport. I promise we only went to one airport (the right one) today! We are getting better!

Christy, the White House, Heather and Allison.
Christy mustered up the strength to hold up the Washington Monument.
The girls standing under the Indiana portion of the WWII memorial.
Oliver and Christy at lunch.
Oliver loved the motorcycle at ESPN Zone.

Ollie's Trolley- June 20th

Aunt Christy had two friends fly in for a few days to visit. We picked them up at the airport and acted like crazy tourists for a day in D.C.. While we were walking to lunch at ESPN Zone, we noticed this little restaurant.
We HAD to get a close up of it. The next time we go to D.C. we are going to have to eat here. I am curious how good it is! No matter how good it is, the name is awesome!!!

June 17th

My mom, sister and cousin met me at work for lunch. They got there a little early and had fun with the camera. I downloaded the pictures from their cameras and there are over 400 picture from one week here. WOW! Here they are in the car before I met up with them.

Mommy and Ollie at lunch.
He was getting antsy, so I put a lid on his head to be silly. Usually, chewing on one keeps him entertained while we are eating out. I focused the camera and snapped the picture. When I put the camera on the table I noticed that he had spit up all over his shirt. I couldn't believe that he had done that and I had not seen him do it. Then it occurred to me that he probably did it while I was putting the camera away. When we looked back at the pictures on the camera, we realized that he had done it while I took the picture. The people at the restaurant probably thought that we were crazy. At one point, I thought my mom was going to stop breathing from laughing so hard.

Grammy and Ollie at dinner.
Aunt Christy bought a swizzle stick. We thought it may be fun to just freeze water in it instead of juice. Oliver was very entertained! I bet it felt really good on those upper two centrals that are giving him grief! (Did I say him, I meant us!) haha

Happy Oliver!- June 16th

Oliver took an unusually late nap tonight. We went to dinner and he fell asleep on the way home. We brought him into the house in his car seat and put him in the dining room. We were not being quiet at all and he still slept until 9:30. When he woke up, he was in the best mood that I have ever seen him in. He was outwardly giggling non-stop. We took a video but it is side-ways. If I can figure out how to post it, I put it up so you all can enjoy it.
He loves to clap. If you sing, "if you happy and you know it, clap your hands...." He will clap along. He will also clap if you say "da-da". The little stinker.
Abby, Ollie and Christy waiting for me to come out work so we can go to lunch together.

Happy Father's Day- June 15th

Happy Father's Day daddy!
Oliver and I made daddy breakfast in bed. We let him sleep in while we prepared it. I carried the tray upstairs. My mom handed me Oliver and I walked into the bedroom with Oliver clutched under my right arm. Oliver squirmed a slight bit and I spilled some of the coffee on my pj's. We stood next to the bed with Oliver's feet dangling behind me and I said, "Happy Father's Day daddy." You would have thought I screamed it because Larry jumped up with a very confused look on his face. Good thing the tray was out of the way. It could have been a major disaster. When he finally came to, he grabbed Oliver before I squeezed him in half with my hip and arm! It wasn't the most graceful wake-up call, but I think he was surprised!

A father's day wouldn't be complete without a tie!

We emptied out Oliver's toy bucket to find some different toys that are always buried in the bottom. We have noticed that he is loosing interest with the usual ones that we give him. My sister thought it would be funny to put him in there. He really enjoyed it!

Family Day- June 15th

We had another fun day of taking lots of pictures. It was so relaxing with my family here. We definitely did our fair share of shopping, but it was nice just to sit on the couch and relax. Here is Aunt Christy and Oliver posing for another picture. Doesn't Aunt Christy look good with her new short hair cut?
Grammy and Ollie.

Swimming Pool- June 14th

It has been so hot here lately that we decided to invest a whole $30 into a swimming pool. It is one of the best $30 that we have ever spent. Oliver wasn't so sure what to think about it at first, but quickly grew accustomed to it. We even bought him a floaty with a sun canopy that we can put him in and let him kick around without needing to be held.

Grammy and Aunt Christy babysitting- June 13th

My mom, sister and cousin Abby came to visit for a week. One of my favorite parts of their trip, in my eyes, is that they left my sister behind! She is spending the summer here with us! Oliver is going to be so lucky to have his Aunt Christy here with him. We took many pictures. Here are some candid shots. Oliver is watching us eat our dinner on the deck.
He loves to stand and hold onto anything we put him up against. He is working on pulling himself up to objects, but at the moment, he still needs some assistance. Sometimes we try to get him to sit and he won't bend at the waist because he is more interested in standing.
Grammy and Oliver. She is proudly wearing her Christmas present from my grandma.
Sophie, Aunt Christy (a.k.a. Nanny Christy) and Ollie in the play room.
Grammy and Ollie.
Soaking up time in his jumper. Oliver will take off in and go crazy in it. He will definitely let you know if you forget to turn the music portion of it on.

My cousin Abby, who is a junior in high school, may be interested in being a dental hygienist. She came to my work and observed and helped me out all day. It was so much fun to have her there. She was such a great help too. I hope I gave her a true impression of what a day in the life of a hygienist is like. I had to remind her that working with kids is very different than working with adults. I know she can do it!!!!!