Monday, April 21, 2008

Candid Shots

Oliver and Sophie
Sleepy head. Aunt Christy picked out his clothes the entire week she was here. Doesn't he look cute?
I think he looks like my cousin Justin (when he was younger) in this picture. What do you think?
Happy to be awake.
He loves to chew on his fingers now. The two lower central teeth are in and we are anticipating the eruption of the top two next!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A day with Kim, Taylor, and Rian

Last Thursday, Amanda and I and the kids all drove to meet Kim at her work. She is a nanny for two really cute kids, Taylor and Rian. We picked up Chick-fil-A and had all ate lunch together. The family she nannies for just moved into a very large beautiful home. It is so new, they didn't have tv or internet yet. I think it would have been a very long day for her if we hadn't visited! We saved her! We had a really great time. All of the kids play so well together. Oliver enjoyed chewing on all of their big kid toys!
Here is Kim, Rian and Oliver posing for a picture in the play room. Taylor is in the background.
Amanda and Maya all decked out in pink!

Oliver and Ryan playing in the big chair. Oliver is picking on Ryan for a change. Usually Ryan is gently picking on Oliver. He doesn't realize that Oliver can't stand his own ground. We tease Ryan that someday Oliver is going to be bigger/taller than him. (Guessing by the height of Larry.)
Kim is regulating the boys. (haha) Oliver looks happy!
Oliver and Maya all packed up and ready to go home. Oliver was really funny with Maya. When she cries, he cries. On the way there she was crying and he started. He stopped for a brief moment to see if she was still crying and when she wasn't he didn't cry anymore. If she was still crying, he stopped for that few seconds and then started again. Amanda and I were laughing so hard. I have never heard him sympathy cry before! I guess he loves his girlfriend!

Ryan comes to play!

Maya had a Dr appointment on Monday so I offered to take Ryan so he didn't have to go sit at the germ factory. We had such a fun day!
Here he is laying with Oliver on his play gym. Notice that Oliver can't take his eyes off him. Good thing Ryan is such a good boy, I think Oliver is going to look up to him as they grow up together!
I asked Ryan if he wanted to feed Oliver his lunch. It was hilarious. You can see that Ryan is opening his mouth trying to get Oliver to take a bite. Oliver doesn't care who it comes from, as long as it goes into his mouth!
Another picture of the boys having fun!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aunt Christy tops his list!

Aunt Christy and Oliver playing after we were done eating. Look how much he loves being with her. We can't wait until she is here ALL summer long!
They have fun wherever they are! He loves to be flipped upside down.
We are getting ready to go shopping.

Fun times with Aunt Christy

Aunt Christy and Oliver at the dining room table. I think he looks a little sleepy.
Feeding time again. Oliver was diagnosed with acid reflux as a small baby. We have tried for some time to control it with medication, but it hasn't seem to improve any. The doctor has suggested that he receive all of his breast milk in a bottle mixed with cereal. The thickness makes his stomach tolerate it and helps it to stay down. Larry and Christy like it because they get to feed him too!
Aunt Christy had fun feeding him his prunes. He now likes to get his hands dirty (and his face) while he eats. It is so much fun to see him explore. When he is finished with his food, we sign to him 'all done.' We think he is catching on because he begins to whine or cry after the sign. What a smart baby!

Nanny practice....

Aunt Christy and Oliver having fun in the car while we are getting ready to do some serious shopping. She is really good...she changed his diaper on her lap! She is going to be a perfect nanny this summer!
She is really great at feeding him too!

Christy is really afraid of gnomes. Larry put this in her shower to scare the daylights out of her. I am sure she wasn't as afraid of this as she was of the one he put in her bed. It was 4 times the size of this and it was wearing a Purdue outfit. He put it in between her sheets so that when she crawled into bed the first night, she would see it. She was so tired that night that she laid on it! What a ding dong! I went in her room right after she laid down and didn't hear anything. I said, "I think Larry left something in here" She said that she had felt something digging into her shoulder but was too tired to move it to figure out what it was. She sat up and I pulled back the pillow she jumped to the other side of the bed and was almost screaming. I think she curled up in the fetal position and was shaking! We meant to slip this little one into her luggage for her trip home, but we forgot. bummer! Needless to say, I think she was scared!
Christy and I watched High School Musical 2. We both have seen 1, and knew that we were out of the loop at work as far as that goes. Oliver was having a semi-bad day (tooth number 2 was super close to erupting!) but as soon as we put him down to watch the movie, he was instantly quiet. We couldn't believe it so much, we had to take a picture. We aren't sure if it was the music or the pretty girls. He has a tendency to check them out at church.

A day at Solomons

We went to eat lunch/early dinner on Solomons Island. It is a small island that has really great seafood. Christy and I both had tuna. We order it well-done, just like chicken! It can't taste remotely close to seafood. Gag!
Christy and Oliver posing for the camera. It was a beautiful day! See that bridge in the background? I used to have to drive across that everyday for work. Thank goodness I don't have to any more!
Here is all 3 of us. Christy had to tip her camera upside down to take this picture. We almost didn't get Oliver in it. whoops!
Aunt Christy and Oliver standing under the restaurant sign. This is one of Christy's favorite places to go when she comes to visit. I think it is Grandad's favorite place too. We always take our guests and visitors here so they may get a taste of what real seafood it like! Their crab cakes were ranked #1 in the Washington DC area. Anyone want to come and visit? Come on down!!! They have cute little shops and boutiques too!

Aunt Christy is here to visit....ALMOST.....

Christy came to visit for her week of spring break. We left in ample time to get her from the airport. We parked, walked in, checked the status of her flight. She was flying from Detroit into DC on Northwest airline. Oliver was hungry from his long nap in the car so we fed him, burped him, checked the status of her flight again. It was delayed 5 minutes. Finally we get a call from her saying that she had landed! We were so excited!!!! Due to the wacky layout of the airport, we decided to meet her at the luggage claim. We waited for her to get to there but it was taking her forever. We called her to see where she was and she said she was waiting at luggage claim 2. Finally we figured out what was taking us so long to meet each other....she was at the wrong carousel. According the the status board, her luggage was coming into number 14. We told her to meet us there but she insisted that there were only 2. We tried to convince her for 5 minutes that she needed to walk down the hallway to get to 14. Finally Larry piped up and asked for her flight number......we checked it against the status board and we couldn't find it. There was one flight from Detroit to DC on Northwest at 11:50. What was the problem????
A beautiful picture of Dulles Airport. We are so excited to get Aunt Christy!!!
A close up picture of the airport. We are taking lots of pictures to add to the blog so everyone can see what we did the whole week. Larry thinks I am crazy for taking these pictures, but if he only knew how funny this entry would be, he wouldn't have had such crazy thoughts!
This is Regan airport.........
Finally we meet up with Christy. Now you are wondering why there are two different airports pictured in this blog??? We went to the wrong airport to get her! Silly Mindy. No wonder she was waiting at luggage claim 2. Good thing we are not very convincing. Luckily the airports are only about 30 minutes away in Saturday traffic! The bad part was we had to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth to mom who was calling every 10 minutes asking if we had seen her yet. Christy was dodging her calls so she wouldn't have to tell her that we were at the wrong airport. The really bad part of the story...I booked her ticket for her!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Oliver has grown his first tooth! In the dental world we call it tooth letter O. (O for Oh my gosh, he has grown his first tooth!!) He had a really rough night last night and felt a little warm to the touch all day. I dismissed it as still getting over being sick. This morning he was chewing on his blanket and his clothes. As we were sitting together while I ate my lunch, I noticed that his nose was runny. I thought...hmmm, all of these signs would lead me to believe that he may be getting teeth soon. So, I did as any mother would, laid him in my lap and tipped him back and struggled with him to look into his mouth. I put my finger in his mouth to check first and he immediately stopped squirming when I rubbed it across his gums. I was shocked and more eager to get a good glance. Finally after a few seconds I was able to see the beginning of a little tooth breaking through his gums. I called Larry at work to let him know. He was very excited. I told him we only have another 20 teeth to go!!! I'll try to get a picture soon.