Monday, May 11, 2009

Aunt Christy's visit

These are random picture that we took during our fun week with Aunt Christy! It doesn't take much to be silly with her.
But I guess this first picture is of Oliver and I being silly...okay, I guess I am the silly one! Aunt Christy was able to witness a pee and poo poo in the big potty! We are so proud of our little guy. He loves to try to go "pee pee potty" and actually does go most of the time. He is mainly interested when he sees someone else use the restroom but sometimes asks to go by himself. We are going to have to do some hard core toilet training these next few weeks. I just can't believe that at 18 months, he is using the big potty! GO OLIVER!!

Ann Taylor Loft fitting room is a perfect spot for a photo op!

Oliver wanted to wear the bunny ears at Pottery Barn while we shopped.

Did someone say ice cream with a spoon? He loves to use a spoon and is getting rather good at it I might add. The only thing that is necessary...a bib!

Well, some of the ice cream doesn't always make it into his mouth. It does fall off the spoon but he hasn't mastered the concept of gravity yet.

What is this poor kid dressed like and why? A golfer wearing pj's with noisy slippers and an AWESOME Hoosier jersey that Aunt Christy brought with him.

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