Monday, May 11, 2009

Waiting for Aunt Christy to arrive- yes we went to the correct airport this time!

We arrived at the airport super early so we could do some serious plane watching. We managed to find the perfect parking spot which allowed us to see the pilots eyeballs! The wind was blowing so swiftly that the planes were rocking back and forth very vigorously. As we later heard from Aunt Christy, it was one of the rockiest landings she had ever made. To our shock, we actually saw her plane come in for a landing. They were 15 minutes early! I guess that wind helped a lot! Oliver was so amazed by the airplanes. Here is one coming in for a landing.

Alright, where did that plane go? He was so curious where the plane went that he whacked his head on the window. I had no option but to roll it down and he was elated! We were able to watch about 10 planes come in for landing and with every single one of them, he watched until they were out of sight and then turned to wait for the next one to come into view.

Happy little airplane man. Oliver has been signing the word airplane for a very long time so it was fun to watch him enjoy them at such a close range. We have so many super fast airplanes zooming overhead at home all the time that he has learned to cover his ears when he hears an airplane or when prompted by the phrase "ear muffs." It is hilarious!

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