Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Cake!

Oliver's cake was decorated like a soccer ball to follow the sports theme. It was an awesome cake and only took about an hour to decorate!
I will set the scene a little for the next few pictures. Oliver woke up at 6am. I fed him in bed and we snoozed until about 7:30. The party started at noon and this cake was served up around 2:30/3ish. He hadn't taken a nap nor was showing any signs of sleepiness until we were eating dinner. As the pictures progress, you can see how tired he becomes!
The song and the candles......
The momentous first dip into the cake......
and then into the mouth!
Getting tired or a little shy? I bet he is wondering why all these people are starring at him and why do most of them have cameras?
And he looses it! No longer interested in the is nap time!
We took the cake away along with the tray....not such a good idea! He smeared the frosting EVERYWHERE! Look above his can see perfect finger swipes!
Dad comes in with the sweep away...careful....don't get any on that Purdue shirt! I wouldn't want it to get dirty! (GO IU)
Followed immediately with a bath! (and then a nap for all of you who were keeping up with the chronological order!)

*MOTHERS NOTE* for all of those mother's who are serving up a cake to your little one...DON'T use black frosting! What in the world was I thinking? I am still finding stained black frosting everywhere! It even stained my Pampered Chef no stain spatulas! Next birthday we may have an all white soccer ball! (What a boring mom, huh?)

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