Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Party Number 1!!!!

Amanda and her kids, Kim and the children that she nannies, along with Oliver and I, all had a small little lunch party at Chick-fil-A! It was completely impromptu, but I just happened to have party hats and cupcakes!

We had such a great time! Oliver didn't mind his hat either.
Maya really enjoyed her hat! What a gorgeous smile!
Ryan is holding up one finger to celebrate Oliver's first birthday!

Rian indulges in his cupcake.....mmmm!
Oliver is enjoying his cupcake too! He ate the bottom portion of mine. Side note: Oliver's lunch this day consisted of an entire chicken breast from Chick-Fil-A, grapes, steamed veggies, half a tortilla and the bottom portion of my cupcake. He also at 2 pancakes and oranges for breakfast. Larry and I were wondering if we are going to be able to afford to feed him at age 4. haha
All of the kids gathered together! We will surely enjoy looking back at this picture when they are 18! I bet we will have MANY more of these same pictures every year.
Taylor and Rian made Oliver this awesome card.

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