Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We stopped at a local pumpkin patch on our way home from church. We should have, however, done this outing the previous weekend. It was about 75 degrees last weekend and 50 this weekend. Nothing was going to stop us from finding the best pumpkin! We bundled up and managed to find a daddy pumpkin, a mommy pumpkin and a small little Oliver pumpkin! He is holding his in the picture. This drain tile is the ending of the maze. Oliver just looked to cute and small sitting there. He doesn't mind having mittens or his hat on. We just need to make sure that we buy hats that snap or have velcro so he can't pull them off, which he is notorious for!
Larry and Oliver taking a break in the maze.
Oliver wanted to crawl through the maze all by himself. He is stopping to scope out his next move.
They had ducks, chickens and roosters among all other types of animals. Oliver was so intrigued by all of them.
Mommy and Ollie near the big kids corn maze.
The goats kept trying to get out of their fence. There was an occasional corn kernel in the walkway that they would stretch their necks as far as they could to get to. I am sure if we got close enough, they would have eaten our shoes! A few of the goats were pregnant, so I don't blame them for being hungry!! haha

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