Friday, March 20, 2009

Oliver manged to pull a loaf of bread off the counter and indulge in a little snack! We continually laugh that he is the carbohydrate child. He will eat ANYTHING that contains carbs! He was so proud of himself, but so concerned that I was going to take it away from. He stuffed his mouth so full of bread that he couldn't even talk! Still stuffing..good thing it was snack time!

Just a little full! Could he possibly fit anymore in there??
We made a dessert for Bob's birthday party and I let Oliver lick the beaters. It was cool whip mixed with yogurt so it wasn't such a bad snack. At first, he wasn't sure what to do with them but once I showed him, it was all excitement from there!
More dessert...mmmm! I made cookies a few days after this and he thought that he was welcome to indulge in the beaters again. He had a mild melt down when I placed them in the sink. I tried to explain to him that raw eggs are not acceptable to eat but I don't think he understood! hee hee

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