Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random February Pictures

Bob would be so proud that Oliver is properly using his "da-dur-da-dur"! The proper way to use a recycled paper towel core is to put it next to your lips and loudly yell "da-dur-da-dur"!!!!! Oliver caught on easily!
Katie's birthday party!!!

Ryan is helping Katie blow out the candles. Good thing he was there to help. Do you see ALL those candles?

I was very suspicious at the level of INactivity by Oliver and the dog. I walked around the corner of the couch to see both of them soaking up some rays! I have found them sitting in this same spot numerous times!

He loves his little firetruck!

Silly face.

He insisted on wearing his hat while he ate lunch. As a parent, you learn to just let some things go. This is a prime example of one of them!! Silly boy!

I was watching Ryan and Maya while Amanda was getting her hair cut. I took Sophie outside to go potty and came back to this. Hilarious. Thank goodness the toilet lock was on!! They sure had a great time!

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