Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Helping Out

Larry installed Tot Loks on all our kitchen drawers. We have had them placed on our cabinet doors for some time now, but Oliver has become extremely interested in the drawer contents now. Larry was able to design a way to make them work on the drawers. With a little planning and lots of trial and error (oh yeah, and the help of Oliver) he was able to successfully install them!!! Here is the website if anyone is interested in them. It is a magnetic locking system that doesn't deface the front of the cabinets. They are AWESOME because you can disable them at any time!! I just love them.

A little turn here and another turn there. Who thought a screwdriver could taste so good! I cringe to think of the germs that are on there! eek!
Playing the the box that was in the kitchen after everything was cleaned up!!!

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