Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Amalie is here to visit- July 20th

Kim's neice, Amalie, came to visit for a weekend while her mom and dad attended a wedding near by. This was an extra special visit because she lives on the West Coast and their visits are few and far between. Kim and Bob were so lucky, they had her to themselves the whole weekend. They stopped by as we were haning out on the deck. Aunt Kim still smiling. She was so excited that Amalie was here! I don't think she took that smile off her face the whole weekend!
It was almost bedtime for the kiddies. Can you tell? Amalie was laying on the deck. I think if we would have stopped talking and laughing, she may have fallen asleep.
Tickle, tickle?? Oliver is putting his moves on Amalie already. We are going to be in trouble! Don't they just look perfect with a baby? tick tock...tick tock...that is all I will say! Hint Hint.....
Amanda, Kim and I took all the kids to the park Saturday morning. Oliver is just chilling out waiting for everyone to get ready for the playgound equipment.
Amalie and Ryan playing around. Oliver was jealous that he couldn't run around. He was however, completly content eating the mulch. That has some sort of protien, right?

Ollie and Ryan taking a break to fill up on snackies.

Oliver can't forget about his one true love, Maya. He was compassionate that she couldn't get out with the big kids and play, so he makes sure that she has some entertainment. He's putting on a show for her to keep her smiling.

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