Sunday, August 10, 2008

Whirl wind weekend

Larry had a bachelor party about 8 hours away. He had to be there Friday afternoon and was staying until Sunday morning. I didn't want to get left behind, so I decided that I would pack up the dog and Oliver and we would go with him, however we would continue the venture another few hours to see our family. It was a very quick weekend to say the least. I got to my parents house about 8pm on Friday and left at 8am on Sunday. Oliver and Sophie did a great job traveling for the most part. Maybe it was the Dramamine and Benadryl that helped....for the DOG I promise!!!!! We have had nausea problems in the past with our lovely canine so the vet has recommended a little help with the medications!
Here are some picture from our very quick weekend (day) vacation.

He was introduced to rice cakes while we were there. Grammy bathed him and got him ready for bed while Christy and I went to the ATM and got gas in the car. He was really ready for his milk so she sidetracked him with the rice cake to buy some time.

Grammy was being very silly trying to take pictures of both of them. This was the best should have seen the others!

Aunt Christy, Oliver and Grammy at dinner with the entire family

Great Grandma Lois and Oliver. My grandma stands at 4 feet something. When she holds Oliver he is almost half her height. We'll have to get them standing next to each other. You won't believe your eyes!

Great Grandpa and Oliver. We got my grandpa this hat for Christmas and from what I hear, he wears it everywhere! It says Oliver farm machinery. I didn't know that existed until we told our friends the names we were deciding between and our friend said he was going to get him a tractor if we named him Oliver. So, I learned that we named our child after farm equipment!
Oliver is sporting his new hat that I found at Old Navy. It has matching swim trunks and to my surprise, the hat is reversible and the best was on SALE!
Aunt Christy, Mom, Mindy and Oliver posing for a picture in my parents dining room. One last picture before we headed out on the road.
Oliver and Sophie. They play together so well. An 80 pound friend can be overbearing sometimes but Oliver is learning to stand his ground.

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