Sunday, August 10, 2008

A day at Grandma's house

While my mom, sister and I went shopping at an craft show/art festival, Sharon and John watched Oliver. I think they had a lot of fun. It was Sharon's birthday the following Tuesday so I picked up and Amish made apple pie and we celebrated! Sharon with sleepy Oliver.
Great Grandma and Great Grandpa stopped by to see the handsome little guy. He is supposed to be eating, but you can see he is too sidetracked by Great Grandma's beauty! He just looks like she is starring into her eyes!
Another picture of Ollie sleeping with Grandma.
Not a temper tantrum? Can you tell he is not getting his way. I was actually here for this picture.
Oliver absolutely loves doing this. I will probably get turned in for child abuse, but he giggles so loudly when he goes upside down. Sometimes when you pick him up, he will throw himself backwards so that you will make him go upside down. You just always have to be on your toes!
This is an awesome toy that Grandma had for Oliver to play with. I think that as he grows older, he may enjoy it more, but it was hilarious to see him sitting on it.

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Mike & Megan said...

Hi Min! Wow, what a busy weekend you had!!! I love all of your new pics. I think that every time you post Oliver looks bigger : ). He'll be putting his cute gym shoes (where did you find those?) to use no time!!!