Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jeff and Katie's wedding- NY OR BUST!

Larry, Oliver, Kim, Bob and myself left our neighborhood at 2 a.m. to drive to New York for a wedding. Larry's friend, Jeff was the groom. Kim has family that lives nearby where the wedding was so they decided to drive with us to make it a true road trip! We had such a great time! Traveling with friends is so much fun and really makes the trip go by so much faster. None of us fell asleep the entire way....we left there at 2 in the morning! That is dedication! This is a view of the car from the back seat. We got a little slap happy during the drive. He is a view of our car from the front seat.
Bob and Larry were able to watch a movie while Kim and I listened to XM. Thank goodness we didn't have to listen to those boy movies. We started the trip off with a special viewing of National Lampoon's Christmas vacation. I could watch that movie everyday! We were quoting the movie word for word at 3 in the morning!
Oliver was a very pleasant passenger. I was so worried that he was going to be a little stinker with guests (I shouldn't call them guests...they are almost family.) He was a very happy little guy! Thank goodness! Whew!
Okay, Kim and I are almost-obsessed with the show John and Kate Plus 8. If you are not and avid watcher of the show, this picture will confuse you. On the show they take one of their 8 children on their own special day. Alexis, one of the multiples picks Reptiland as her special day. The family lives somewhere around this area that we drove through. Kim and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pull off the road to snap a picture of a place where they had been! We are too weird. It only took some convincing for Larry to pull the car over and Bob to take the picture.

This is the Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at in NY. It was our first time at a bed and breakfast and it was a wonderful experience. The owners were wonderful and the food was superb! The entire house was occupied by the groom and his family along with another couple who went to school with Larry and Jeff.
A front view of the Bed and Breakfast. It was a gorgeous home!
In between the wedding and reception, we had some time to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather. It was the most fabulous weather we have experienced so far this year. I guess Katie's sisters rosary helped. We found out at breakfast the day after the wedding that the bride's sister had been carrying a rosary in her pocket for an entire month before the wedding. She had been praying for good weather. It helped!!! This is our super huge room! We had room to put Ollie's pack and play on one side of the room and we had the other side to put our bags and he even had room to play!
Larry and Oliver playing on the bed!

Kim and Bob watched Oliver while we went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was so thoughtful of them to allow us to have a night out! Kim's mom and dad came a day early to visit so they were able to share in the fun with Oliver! They said he was a very good boy!

Oliver is joining the family for dinner! Kim's aunt was the most gracious hostess for Oliver. She has grandchildren so she had a highchair, toys, and a crib for Oliver to use. We really appreciate her hospitality! THANK YOU!!Kim's mom and her Aunt are giving Ollie some giggle time. He loves to have his feet tickled! Two grandma's spoiling our little boy! We love it!Look at this awesome chair that Oliver is sitting in! He thinks he is HOT stuff!Can you tell that he is a happy little guy! Kim said that he was all giggles and smiles! Larry and I at the rehearsal dinner.
Isaac and Katie. Isaac went to college with Jeff and Larry. It was great to catch up with them.
I caught Larry having fun with the bubbles after the ceremony! You should see the next picture once he found out that I took a picture of him blowing bubbles. I believe his words were "Did you just take a picture of me?" haha! A true kid at heart! The guys are having a great time at the dancing at the reception.
Jeff and Katie posing for a few pictures with the photographer at the reception. It was at the golf course country club. It was on the patio outside, but was under a permanent awning and was absolutely gorgeous. This was the grassy area and view that we had the entire evening. It was a very beautiful wedding! CONGRATS JEFF AND KATIE...WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!

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