Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Oliver has grown his first tooth! In the dental world we call it tooth letter O. (O for Oh my gosh, he has grown his first tooth!!) He had a really rough night last night and felt a little warm to the touch all day. I dismissed it as still getting over being sick. This morning he was chewing on his blanket and his clothes. As we were sitting together while I ate my lunch, I noticed that his nose was runny. I thought...hmmm, all of these signs would lead me to believe that he may be getting teeth soon. So, I did as any mother would, laid him in my lap and tipped him back and struggled with him to look into his mouth. I put my finger in his mouth to check first and he immediately stopped squirming when I rubbed it across his gums. I was shocked and more eager to get a good glance. Finally after a few seconds I was able to see the beginning of a little tooth breaking through his gums. I called Larry at work to let him know. He was very excited. I told him we only have another 20 teeth to go!!! I'll try to get a picture soon.

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