Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fun times with Aunt Christy

Aunt Christy and Oliver at the dining room table. I think he looks a little sleepy.
Feeding time again. Oliver was diagnosed with acid reflux as a small baby. We have tried for some time to control it with medication, but it hasn't seem to improve any. The doctor has suggested that he receive all of his breast milk in a bottle mixed with cereal. The thickness makes his stomach tolerate it and helps it to stay down. Larry and Christy like it because they get to feed him too!
Aunt Christy had fun feeding him his prunes. He now likes to get his hands dirty (and his face) while he eats. It is so much fun to see him explore. When he is finished with his food, we sign to him 'all done.' We think he is catching on because he begins to whine or cry after the sign. What a smart baby!

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