Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aunt Christy is here to visit....ALMOST.....

Christy came to visit for her week of spring break. We left in ample time to get her from the airport. We parked, walked in, checked the status of her flight. She was flying from Detroit into DC on Northwest airline. Oliver was hungry from his long nap in the car so we fed him, burped him, checked the status of her flight again. It was delayed 5 minutes. Finally we get a call from her saying that she had landed! We were so excited!!!! Due to the wacky layout of the airport, we decided to meet her at the luggage claim. We waited for her to get to there but it was taking her forever. We called her to see where she was and she said she was waiting at luggage claim 2. Finally we figured out what was taking us so long to meet each other....she was at the wrong carousel. According the the status board, her luggage was coming into number 14. We told her to meet us there but she insisted that there were only 2. We tried to convince her for 5 minutes that she needed to walk down the hallway to get to 14. Finally Larry piped up and asked for her flight number......we checked it against the status board and we couldn't find it. There was one flight from Detroit to DC on Northwest at 11:50. What was the problem????
A beautiful picture of Dulles Airport. We are so excited to get Aunt Christy!!!
A close up picture of the airport. We are taking lots of pictures to add to the blog so everyone can see what we did the whole week. Larry thinks I am crazy for taking these pictures, but if he only knew how funny this entry would be, he wouldn't have had such crazy thoughts!
This is Regan airport.........
Finally we meet up with Christy. Now you are wondering why there are two different airports pictured in this blog??? We went to the wrong airport to get her! Silly Mindy. No wonder she was waiting at luggage claim 2. Good thing we are not very convincing. Luckily the airports are only about 30 minutes away in Saturday traffic! The bad part was we had to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth to mom who was calling every 10 minutes asking if we had seen her yet. Christy was dodging her calls so she wouldn't have to tell her that we were at the wrong airport. The really bad part of the story...I booked her ticket for her!

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