Sunday, April 20, 2008

A day with Kim, Taylor, and Rian

Last Thursday, Amanda and I and the kids all drove to meet Kim at her work. She is a nanny for two really cute kids, Taylor and Rian. We picked up Chick-fil-A and had all ate lunch together. The family she nannies for just moved into a very large beautiful home. It is so new, they didn't have tv or internet yet. I think it would have been a very long day for her if we hadn't visited! We saved her! We had a really great time. All of the kids play so well together. Oliver enjoyed chewing on all of their big kid toys!
Here is Kim, Rian and Oliver posing for a picture in the play room. Taylor is in the background.
Amanda and Maya all decked out in pink!

Oliver and Ryan playing in the big chair. Oliver is picking on Ryan for a change. Usually Ryan is gently picking on Oliver. He doesn't realize that Oliver can't stand his own ground. We tease Ryan that someday Oliver is going to be bigger/taller than him. (Guessing by the height of Larry.)
Kim is regulating the boys. (haha) Oliver looks happy!
Oliver and Maya all packed up and ready to go home. Oliver was really funny with Maya. When she cries, he cries. On the way there she was crying and he started. He stopped for a brief moment to see if she was still crying and when she wasn't he didn't cry anymore. If she was still crying, he stopped for that few seconds and then started again. Amanda and I were laughing so hard. I have never heard him sympathy cry before! I guess he loves his girlfriend!

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