Saturday, April 19, 2008

A day at Solomons

We went to eat lunch/early dinner on Solomons Island. It is a small island that has really great seafood. Christy and I both had tuna. We order it well-done, just like chicken! It can't taste remotely close to seafood. Gag!
Christy and Oliver posing for the camera. It was a beautiful day! See that bridge in the background? I used to have to drive across that everyday for work. Thank goodness I don't have to any more!
Here is all 3 of us. Christy had to tip her camera upside down to take this picture. We almost didn't get Oliver in it. whoops!
Aunt Christy and Oliver standing under the restaurant sign. This is one of Christy's favorite places to go when she comes to visit. I think it is Grandad's favorite place too. We always take our guests and visitors here so they may get a taste of what real seafood it like! Their crab cakes were ranked #1 in the Washington DC area. Anyone want to come and visit? Come on down!!! They have cute little shops and boutiques too!

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