Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas tree hunt

Have saws...will find large large tree! That can only mean that it is time for the annual Christmas tree hunt! This year we decided to tailgate before hand with donuts! I think we found a new tradition for sure!

Friends of ours gave us this snow suit. Since it was colder than normal on Saturday, we decided to give it a try. I have a feeling that this picture may need to disappear before Oliver is old enough to be embarrassed! He is going to be so angry with us when he is older! haha Isn't that the best thing about parenthood?? Anyone reminiscing about the movie The Christmas Story?

A view from the back.
We actually picked one of those trees in the background!

All the kids ready to go out in search for the prefect tree!

Oliver (who can't put his arms down) and daddy in the background cutting down our beautiful tree.

Close up of daddy working hard!Tree on the gator.
All decorated and beautiful! Look how precious Oliver looks pointing at the decorations! This is one of my favorite pictures. My two kids!!! Oliver is really good with the ornaments. He has his favorite few and usually only pulls them off. He is extremely more interested in the candles in the windows.
This is our family Christmas picture! What a big change from last year!

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