Saturday, December 6, 2008

First Haircut

Oliver's hair is very slow growing except for a small section in the back. We began to notice that it was hanging over the collar of his shirts but were hesitant to cut it off because he actually had hair in one spot. (Pictures just don't do his blonde hair any justice!) After it began to resemble a mullet, we decided it needed to be cut off. So, daddy and I agreed that we would introduce our little man to the clippers and give him his first haircut! The show-tell-do method kind of worked. At least the first part. As you can see, he was very interested what the clippers looked like and even showed a keen interest when we turned them on. They felt kind of silly vibrating in his hands. He did very well, but got a little antsy towards the end. I can't blame him. What a new experience! I think it may be awhile before we need to make any more hair cut appointments, but we have a nice new set of clippers ready to go!

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