Monday, December 15, 2008

Hospital Stay- Croup

On our way home from Thanksgiving, Oliver came down with a terrible cough. He was really clingy and whiny when we were home, but we just thought it was new places, people and teeth. Long story short, we found the nearest hospital on our GPS and stopped to see what was making him feel so terrible. He had a fever of 102.2 and they gave us a prescription for a double ear infection. OUCH! We deviated from our trip for 2 hours to make him all better. As we drove more, he began to cough more and more and it was sounding worse and worse. We came home, unloaded the dog and belongings and attempted to go to bed. He just wasn't feeling good at all and was barking like a seal every time he coughed. So, we decided to take him to our local hospital. Thank goodness that we did, because after 9 hours in the emergency room, the doctors admitted him to the hospital for more monitoring. They did 2 breathing treatments in the ER and were not happy with his oxygen level. They described it as feeling like we were breathing through a straw. After he was admitted, they monitored him for a couple of hours and allowed us to go home around 3 in the afternoon! What a scary long day. I was totally freaked out when the pediatrician on call said that if he didn't respond to the second treatment, they were going to consider transporting him by ambulance or air to Children's Hospital! I went to freak out mode in about 2.2! Luckily, Larry is so strong he calmed me down. We compliment each other so well! Here is Mr. Happy (which he was the entire time we were in the hospital too) ready to leave to go back home.
My precious sick baby in a hospital gown. It wasn't so scary at this point so I can say that he looks so stinkin cute!

Our second trip to the hospital. This is after we were admitted. They allowed him to be unplugged from his heart monitor to run around a little.

Daddy all worn out. We had only a few minutes of intermittent of sleep in 2 days.
Daddy trying to get Oliver to take a little nap. I am not sure who wanted one more. Me, Larry or Oliver. After we were released from the hospital, we came home and took a super long nap. Thanks to Kim for taking care of Sophie while we were out of comission!

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