Monday, December 15, 2008

Mappy Birthmas and Herry Chrisday

Christmas time is a here!!! That means it is time for the annual Christmas Party with all our friends (11 of us!!) We always have a formal sit down dinner at one of our homes and use that fine china that we were given as wedding gifts. We all go way out to do everything just perfectly. This year there was a BIG huge twist! Three of our friends; Amanda, Steve AND Dave all have birthday's within three days of Christmas. This year was extra special because they are turning the BIG 30!!!! Kim, Katie and I all planned a surprise party along with Christmas dinner. The house was decorated perfectly for both occasions! It was great!! We manged to surprise them all the way up until they were walking over carrying all their food and gifts! (They could see all the decorations in the house on their way over.) We ate dinner, opened presents, and sent the three of them on a scavenger hunt around the town. They were given a driver, a camera, $10.00, and list of items to complete. They had 78 minutes to complete the list. (They were born in 1978.) Kim and I stayed behind as babysitters! The pictures were hilarious when they returned! Here are some of them from the fun night! This is the toilet cake that I made for them! That is blue jello with a Baby Ruth as the "you know what."Kim's house all decorated for the birthday party as well as Christmas!

Dave (being Silly), Amanda and Steve all ready to go on the scavenger hunt. They were given these t-shirts for them to wear. They were good sports!! Ready to blow out the candles!! Maya was there to help!
Family picture by the tree before the night got crazy!

Oliver is sitting on the gift that Katie got Ryan. What a perfect photo op!
Dave and Oliver opening presents.Oliver actually opening one of his gifts! Oliver says "presents all done?" Time to clean up!

Hanging out with Dave again! Katie made a game of 1978 trivia. We are testing Steve, Amanda and Dave to see who knows the most about life 30 years ago. Did you know that a gallon of gas was $0.63???

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Manda said...

hahah the party was fun. but man you picked 'great' picutres... I am not really thin but I swear those lumps under my shirt are my sweater NOT fat rolls!! yikes!! ewe... 30 - ewe! and after last week... they would be rolls, but then they weren't!!