Sunday, December 14, 2008


Every year Larry's work has a Children's Christmas Party. Santa flies in, lands, and welcomes all the children with a big HO HO HO! They all have the opportunity to sit on Santa's lap for a photo-op and are given a small gift that was brought in by the parents the week prior. Last year, Oliver was only a few months old. This year we were so anxious to see how he would react to everything new! Here are a few pictures to capture the excitement Oliver had that night!

They called Oliver's name because his gift was next in line. Larry walked him up, and set him on Santa's lap. Oliver, not so sure what to think, gives Santa the once over look.......

And just SCREAMS!! We have captured the classic Christmas picture! I love the look on Santa's face!

Daddy rescues him, but Oliver has no intentions of taking his eyes off that crazily dressed man!This is the gift that "Santa" gave to Oliver. Notice that Oliver's eyes are still in the direction of Santa. He is still processing everything! Why would my parents leave me on that man's lap??? I just wonder what he is thinking!ROARRRR! He loves his dinosaurs! To keep the children entertained, the place rolls of bubble wrap on the floor so that kids can run a muck! He gets quite loud, but is very fun to see the children running around...not to say they probably sleep well that night. Oliver didn't care for it too much this year. I bet next year will be different!

Coloring with his left hand. At this point, he is ambidexterous, but tends to favor his left hand. We'll see if he follows in the steps of his Aunt Christy and Grandpa Karl!

"ALL DONE!" After a fun filled night, Oliver is signing that he is ready to go home.

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