Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Dental Visit

Oliver had his first dental check-up today. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends "First Birthday, First Check-up!! So, we followed protocol and he had his first checkup with all 6 teeth. Luckily for Oliver, his mommy got to be the first one to clean his teeth since I do it all day at work! What an awesome work perk!!! He did a fabulous job and made just one little peep but was otherwise extremely cooperative! Oliver is picking out his toothbrush...choices! He pointed to the red one, so we went with it! At our office, we do a knee-to-knee type of exam on the little kiddies that are unable to sit in the patient chair by themselves. The parent (in this case, Larry) and I (the hygienist or the doctor) sit with our knees touching one another. The parent holds the child in their lap and lays them into mine. As clinicians, it is an extremely effective way of doing what we need to do with the help of the parents holding the child's hands if necessary. This is an explorer. Also knows as a "tooth checker". We use this to detect any cavities (tooth bugs).Brushing on the cotton candy fluoride (tooth vitamins) with his red toothbrush! What an excellent patient. Can you tell we do this at home a lot?Larry, Oliver and Mindy after his cleaning. I asked my friends at work take my camera and take as many pictures as they could. We could probably make a flip book! Now the dentist gets to take a peek! Just checking for any abnormalities or cavities! On a child's first visit, this is the time where we would do our dietary assessment with the parents, but since I talk about it daily...it is ingraned in my brain. Limit Juice during the day if at all (I am a mean mommy...no juice in our house!), no bottles in the crib, limit pacifier usage if possible but don't wean too early because the thumb can replace it and we can't get rid of the thumb, brush 2 times day, use toothpaste that doesn't contain fluoride, etc!! (Some helpful hits for all you mommies out there!)

Larry, Oliver and my boss!
Oliver was such a great patient he won toys like all the other children. He warmed up to the toy box very quickly! He enjoyed picking through all of them but eventually decided on a yellow necklace and a few stickers!

This is his new O face. He does it when something exciting happens! He must be excited to hold all those toys!

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