Sunday, July 13, 2008

9 month stats!

Oliver went to the doctor last Thursday for his 9 month checkup! He has grown so much. To our surprise, he was very pleasant the entire visit. It is funny seeing how he interacts with the doctor now. When he walked in the room, you could just see Oliver thinking. The doctor told us that this will probably be his last "happy" visit. He said that he will soon remember who he is and it will all be downhill from now. Great!!! Oliver really enjoyed all of that noisy paper on the examination table. I am convinced they place it there for entertainment for the children for the long wait!

Here are Oliver's stats

Weight: 18.1 pounds - 10th percentile.
Length: 28 inches- 32th percentile.
Head circumference: 44 cm- 12th percentile.

To our surprise, he is kind of small for his age which gives him full fledged eating rights. He may devour as much as he wants! We are supposed to feed him until he is stuffed! The only downfall, we have noticed a MAJOR increase in diaper consumption. I am going to be so sad when Aunt Christy leaves. That leaves me with all that mess during the day while daddy is at work!

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