Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 5th! Freedom Festival

Our county has a Freedom Festival every year. This year it was on the 5th of July. We were excited that we were able to "double dip" on fireworks this year! Amanda still wasn't feeling well, so Steve and Ryan met us there after Maya was asleep. Here we all are on the blanket waiting!

Ryan and Oliver enjoying buddy time. Ryan has his arm around Oliver. too cute!

The fireworks began! From the picture you can see how close we were. It was almost scary! We had pieces of cardboard from the fireworks falling on us the whole time! Don't worry, they weren't on fire but next year we may bring safety goggles in addition to the ear protection! It was so much fun hearing the BOOM when each one was lit!

Oliver did not know what to think of the fireworks. The day before we really weren't able to hear them, but today we were able to feel them. To my shock, he wasn't scared, just unsure of how to react.

More pics of Oliver and Mommy. Aunt Christy was sooo good with her camera! Daddy and Oliver. He got very squirmy and daddy came in with the relief hold!

Oliver decided that he wanted to eat during the fireworks. Thank goodness it was dark and I had a blanket! whew! After eating he was very sleepy! I can't believe that he fell asleep with all of that noise. It ended up being a very fun day!

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