Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 4th!

We had a very interesting 4th of July. It wasn't like the typical fourth! Some of our friends were out of town and the ones that were in town, were, lets say.... "under the weather." ba dum dum cha! Ironically, to match their sickness, we had the gloomiest weather. It rained, poured, thundered and stormed! We cooked cheeseburgers on the grill for lunch before the skies let loose. We had great plans to go to the River Concert Series (a concert that is offeredy by St. Mary's College of Maryland every Friday.) We were planning to take a picnic and a bottle of wine and enjoy the music and fireworks. All of these festivities were, of course, outside, so we decided to change our plans and drive a little bit to enjoy the fireworks from Solomon's Island. We figured that we could stay in our car and we weren't out any if they didn't even let them off. We gave Oliver a bath before we went just in case he fell asleep! Here we are on our porch before we left. You can see how gloomy it is outside. The picture was taken around 7:30ish. It doesn't get dark here until 9! We were right! He fell asleep on the way there.
And he awoke shortly after we parked the car.
Larry and Christy patiently waiting for the weather to clear up so we could enjoy some big boomers (not thunder boomers)!

The rain subsided about 20 minutes before the fireworks began. We ventured outside to set up our chairs. Look how comfy Larry looks. He actually fell asleep during the fireworks. I looked over at him and his eyes were closed. After mentioning his name he woke up! I guess he was too comfy! Next time he doesn't the chair that reclines with the foot rest.
Ollie and I all snuggled up and ready for the fireworks to begin. We were right on the water and the storm that had just passed made the temperature drop a couple of degrees and it was kind of chilly. Luckily, I had my favorite little boy to snuggle up with to keep me warm!
A funny picture of us still waiting.
Finally the fireworks began!

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