Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Family Fun and DOTS!

As you all know, my sister came to stay with us for the summer. Unfortunately, it had to come to an end at some point. My mom, dad, and cousin Ally came out to pick her up. We were so sad to see her and all of them leave. What a sad depressing day! While they were here the weather was really hot, but my mom managed to get Oliver to sleep by rocking him on the front porch.

Usually Larry makes the coffee around here, but since he was at work, I thought I would be nice and take the task on myself. Bad idea?!?!?!? My dad drank it, but the next day I noticed that he ventured out to 7-11 before any of us awoke. heehee He was really thoughtful...he brought me back one too. He must not have wanted me to suffer all by myself.

Papa and Oliver are enjoying that good cup of coffee on the deck. Oliver at least enjoyed the cardboard sleeve that goes over the cup. I am at a blank for the name of it. I am sure someone should be given proper credit for the ingenious invention.

Aunt Christy could get Oliver to fall asleep at the "blink of an eye." He always takes the longest naps when you snuggle with him.

Grammy and Ollie played together so much while they were here. I found that toy in the picture at Target in the dollar spot area. I put it in the cart while we were shopping to keep him entertained. As we were checking out, I thought, what the heck- It has turned into one of his favorite toys. It reminds me of the toys at the doctor's office, but a whole lot cleaner!

Ally loved to feed him while she was here.

Who is feeding who? I think Papa wants a bite.

They packed snackies for their travels. They didn't eat all of them, so we munched. It appears that Ally could be the next DOTS model.

Or maybe Christy could be?

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