Thursday, July 10, 2008

Susie Homemaker

Christy made lunch for us!!!! Well I should say she TRIED to make us lunch. The first go around we had black grilled cheese! ugh! We were watching Oliver indulge in a new type of teething biscuit and we smelled something icky! She yelled "oh my gosh!" I am convinced the smoke alarm was seconds from sounding! She blames it on the electric stove. She is used to gas!

Here is the grand champion!

Oliver has been exploring with "real people" food lately. We have tried many different types of teething biscuits/crackers. This is one of the Gerber graduate teething biscuits. By the looks of things, it appears that he liked it. I don't blame him!!! It tastes like a mix between a vanilla wafer and a graham cracker. YUMMY!

These biscuits taste so good, but the clean up is horrible! These are definitely not treats that we can take on the go. There are other ones that I found at Walmart that are very foamy and are awesome. A lot less flavor but he still able to learn to self-feed.
OH is the grand champion (round two!!) Good job Chris!

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