Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friend Fun Day

We had "friend fun day" at Bob and Kim's house the Saturday that my family left. They are such wonderful friends. We met new neighbors and didn't even scare them away!
Oliver and Maya (his girlfriend) chowing down on some dinner! Maya is eating cereal now and loves it!

Ryan and Oliver watching tv together.

Amanda wrapped this blanket around Oliver and was walking around the house with him. I was amazed at how fast he was going. Amanda is such a genius! Who ever would have thought of that?!?!?!?! As most of you know, your back and arms get sore really fast after walking around with a little person wanting so badly to get from point A to point B by way of walking. This really saves all the muscles (most of them).

Amanda watched Oliver while I went to work this past Tuesday. Since Aunt Christy is gone, Amanda gets him back. I think she was excited!!! This wall in the picture was Ryan's and Amanda was so thoughtful to bring it back out for Oliver to play with. I think Ryan is showing Oliver how things work, and of course, Oliver will do anything that Ryan does! Good thing Ryan is a PERFECT little boy because he is Oliver's role model! Maya is hanging out in the bottom of the picture. She just loves her boys!


Mike & Megan said...

Hey Mindy! What cute pictures...I always love it when I check your blog and there are brand new pictures to see!!! I can't believe how big everyone is getting. What sweet babies! I wish we lived close enough to come and play- it looks like everyone is having so much fun together! I will email soon with life updates from Ohio : .
Love, Megan
(P.S. I love the videos...Oliver blowing zerberts cracks me up!)

Anonymous said...

not so sure about PERFECT... but we'll keep Ryan:)
Ollie is SOOOOO much fun to have, we wish we had him more than one day a week!! We'd take Mindy too...:):) Good thing that room was almost clean huh?:) jk:)
We do have fun. Maya DOES LOVE the boys, she gets good laughs out of them:) she can pretty well sit on her own now too, she recovers pretty well so that has added another dimension to watching the boys:)