Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oliver's favorite chair

Oliver received this awesome rocking chair from my friends Jessica and Ryan (Jackson too!) for his birthday. Sitting in it has become one of his favorite things to do. Now that he can walk, he walks right up to it, crawls up on it and sits down. He has learned to "rockey rockey rockey". To our surprise, our little angel has recently turned mischievous with it. No way, not our little boy you are thinking. haha He has learned that he can get mommy and daddy to look at him when he stands on it. He has also learned the sign for 'sit' very quickly. Of course, it was so hard to choke back laughter the first time he did it (and enough time to grab the camera to remember his mischievous side) but he now is learning how to really push our buttons. Here is our little angel grinning from ear to ear because he is doing something he knows he shouldn't do. He has learned what a time out is, that is for sure! Here is our good little boy. This is what he does to avoid a timeout!

Another day sitting so well. He will grab a book sometimes and take it back to the chair to fill his brain with words. Thanks so much guys for such a great present! We LOVE it!!!

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