Sunday, November 2, 2008

Random Pictures

These are totally random pictures that have been taken during the past month.
To keep the peace, Ryan and Oliver have to drink out of the same type of sippy cup when they are together. They each get a different color lid and Ryan usually regulates which one is his. Oliver tries to drink out of both, but Ryan usually keeps him in line. A day wouldn't be complete without a milk train.
Bottom's up!

Oliver still loves to play with this toy that Aunt Christy got him. That silly bear on top still dances crazily!

Oliver is sporting this jacket that my aunt picked up for him. It has a cute little bicycle on it and a detachable hood. Thanks Aunt Judy!!

Maya is pulling herself up onto everything and stands there for a long time. She is going to have the strongest little legs! Actually, they are really long! Look how precious she is..I just want to kiss her all over!! smooch!

Helping mommy with the dishes.

Still helping with the dishes. Many times we have to rewash some of the dishes that make it onto the floor while we are putting them away.

Kim watched Oliver a few weeks ago while I went to work. She was so nice to take him to work with her. She is a nanny for 3 children. I thought she was crazy for taking a 4th child, but she said that one of them was going to be at preschool for the day. She said they had so much fun and he was a good little boy. As I drove into the driveway to pick him up, this is what I saw. I think he was happy to see me!

Ryan and Oliver are sharing a ride on the same truck. It was a tight fit, but neither of them could fall off. Ryan steered and Oliver went along for the ride. Just so you all know, Oliver is not dressed silly, he is wearing the conductor scarf that goes along with the striped hat and whistle that Kim got him for his birthday! Thanks Kim!!!

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