Monday, November 10, 2008

Safety Oliver and other pictures....

Safety Oliver! My dad bought Oliver a chain saw for Christmas last year. It came with these safety goggles. Larry put them on Oliver and he somehow gained super powers! He began running through the entire house laughing! Oliver runs to the chair right behind him all the time. It is almost like he considers it 'base'. Remember that from our younger days? He will take all his toys over to it and put near it. I constantly find toys on it, under it, beside it. If he sees you watching him, he will run over to it and look at you with a big huge grin on his face. I am just waiting for him to say "SAFE!"
We watched Ryan and Maya on Saturday while their mommy and daddy went car shopping! (Amanda has joined the ranks of Mini-van ownership! I told her even though she has birthed two children, she is NOW officially a mom!) I gave Princess Maya her spa treatment and Larry fed her a bottle and she was out cold! She is such a delight to have! She loves to be with the boys but does so well playing by herself too. I just love her to pieces!!!
Maya is patiently awaiting her dinner! She did so well eating her peas, pears and grapes! She took an hour to eat her dinner, bite by bite. It was so much fun to watch her faces as I fed her the different foods. She could definitely tell that I was switching it up on her.

The boys are eating pepperoni PIZZA! You'll have to check out the video clip of Ryan teaching Oliver how to say the phrase 'pizza pizza pizza'. Ryan is just like a big brother to Oliver!

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