Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Oliver and I carved our pumpkins on Thursday night. It was almost as ceremonial as the first birthday cake. This is Oliver holding his pumpkin that he picked out at the pumpkin patch. I cut the top off the pumpkin and handed it back to him to let him get his hands dirty. I took a video, but had the camera on its side. I'll try to post it later, if I remember. You'll have to tip your head to the side to view it, but it is funny. He was really confused by it. I was expecting a big huge mess followed by a bath. I purposely stripped him down to his onesie for that fact. To my surprise, he wasn't really interested. He stuck his hands in the pumpkin a few times, but didn't pull out much goo. Maybe next year will be the messy year.

Are you kiddin' me....the lid comes off? He was so surprised that this pumpkin had transformed into a happy little face.

He is still happy that he has his pumpkin. He must have taken the lid off and on a few hundred times.

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