Saturday, November 1, 2008


Our first night of trick or treating was memorable! We went through most of the neighborhood gathering goodies (for mommy and daddy, since babies don't need candy and chocolate, bummer!?!?!). It was a very fun night that lasted long into the evening! Oliver was dressed as a zebra and was very warm and snugly in his costume. These are the pumpkins that we carved the night before.
This is our HAPPY little zebra! Daddy and baby Zebra.Oliver sees Ryan (the shark) walking up the driveway!Daddy and Oliver are ready to fill up the spider bucket!Mommy and the zebra waking through the neighborhood! It was much easier than getting him in and out of the stroller at every (or every other) house. Dr Amanda (move over Izzy) with the zebra and the mouse. Look at her cute little painted whiskers!

Ryan the SHARK! He walked up to every house and rang the doorbell. When the person came to the door, he said, "Trick or treat...chomp chomp". It was awesome! Steve, Ryan's dad, made this costume from pattern....just a sewing machine and a great idea! GO STEVE!

This is Daphne and Scooby. They live down the street and often times their mom watches Oliver. They love to play with Oliver and take great care of him.

One of our kind neighbors took this picture of all of us. Thanks Tony!!

Trick or treat....smell my feet! Check out the back of Ryan's shark costume...perfect!
We walked around the neighborhood for an hour or so and then came back home to get rid of all the candy that I bought! Oliver and Sophie (the bumble bee) playing while I was outside watching!

I was giving Oliver kisses through the door. This is him giving one back. Good thing I just cleaned the door (and will need to do it again sooner that I thought!)

Oliver eyes must be bigger than his stomach, or he is a child after his father's heart. He mistakenly thinks that all that chocolate is for him, it is actually for all of the little kiddies coming to our home for treats!

Daphne's hair definitely has Oliver's attention. Bright orange!!!

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