Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aunt Christy graduates from college!- May 6th

Aunt Christy is officially a teacher. Well, she technically graduated last winter, but she was able to walk across the stage at the graduation ceremony this spring. After a long 5 1/2 years, she has her diploma. Right now she has a temporary position teaching 1st grade. She is working for someone who is on maternity leave. We were able to visit with her class for an afternoon while we were there. All of the children loved Oliver.
Cap and gown and ready to go!
Oliver was mesmerized by the tassel.
Fizzle isn't so sure what to think of Oliver. No one has ever been her size.
There is Christy in the center. We were texting back and forth before she walked across the stage to tell her where we were and to tell her to stop so that we could take her picture. Got to love technology!

The family with Great Grandma Lois.
Aunt Christy and Oliver. He didn't mind wearing the cap!
Christy, Great Grandma and Grandad
Great Grandpa Herb (Mindy's mom's dad), Oliver and Christy
Abby, Ally, Aunt Carol. Great Grandpa, Oliver, Christy, Aunt Judy and Aunt Lori. Christy was so lucky to have everyone there cheering for her!

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