Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Walk for Hospice- April 19th

Every year our friends get together and particpate in the Walk for Hospice. This charity hits particularly close to home. One of our close friends father passed away a few years ago from a battle with cancer. We are so happy to walk with them in memory of him. This year we had a few more to the group...Oliver, Maya and Sophie joined the bunch as newcomers! Mindy is making sure that Maya is protected from the sun!
Kim and Oliver
Larry and Sophie
Kim and Bob.
Kim-don't hate me for posting this picture. It was just too funny to pass up! She claims that her sunglasses just broke. Who thinks they are normally like this???
Sophie was spent! As soon as she saw this big tub of "drinking" water she decided to make a pool out of it. The funny thing is that we have to coax her into her baby pool on the deck with treats. We pitch them into the center. She prances around the pool and stretches with her neck to reach and then finally gives in and puts one paw so that she can reach it. I guess she just reached her limit. During the walk, Larry fell pretty far behind for a few minutes. We later found out that Sophie had laid down and didn't want to walk any more. Luckily she found the motivation to finish the walk....that big tub of H2O!!!

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