Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grandad's tractor! -May 4th

Grandad thinks his tractors sexy! Haha
Grandad got a new John Deere mower for Great Grandma's yard. He absolutely loves it! He was very excited to share it with Oliver.
Great Grandma Lois holding Oliver. He is almost half the height of her.

He was too heavy to hold, so Great Grandma put him on the ground. It just happened to make a perfect summer picture.
Grandad and Oliver on the tractor.
Far away shot. Grandad was nervous that he was sitting alone. Look how his arms are out ready to catch him if he moves an inch.

Great Grandma shared one of her frogs with Oliver. Kermit is one of the most famous frogs. Now, we just need to find Miss Piggy.

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