Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mommy and Daddy's first night out!

Our 5th anniversary was on Saturday. Larry took me to a really wonderful winery about 45 minutes from home. It is one of my favorite places! (Larry was planning to propose there years ago, but they were closed for the season.) Anyway, he planned a fun evening out while Grammy and Aunt Christy watched Oliver. When we got to dinner, Larry said that he planned a little surprise. I thought the red roses that he brought were exciting enough! After dinner we went to a movie! I kept thinking...WOW an entire evening out! How lucky were we? After the movie, the surprises kept coming. Larry surprised me with a night's stay at the hotel we stayed in on our wedding night. It was actually the same room! It was such an awesome day. Larry kept laughing at me because every so often I would ask him how he thought Oliver was doing. hee hee.

We took a fun family picture since we were all dressed up and ready to have a fun evening out!
Aunt Christy and Grammy are eager for us to leave I think. Look at their faces. They can have Oliver all to themselves.

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