Saturday, May 31, 2008

First Flight- May 3rd

We flew home for Christy's graduation ceremony and party. Oliver was such a great little boy for his first flight. Everyone was so happy to see a little baby acting so good!
Mindy and Oliver ready to board the plane. I think the two flight attendants in the background are a little happy for such an early flight. They were really nice though!
Daddy and Oliver smiling for the camera. We were able to get on the plane a little early because we qualified for "those traveling with small children or those who may need a little extra time boarding." It was great!
The pilot let Larry take Oliver into the cockpit for a picture. Daddy gets to see this kind of thing at work everyday, but it was all new to Oliver.
Oliver sat in a real seat while daddy was putting our carry-ons into the overhead bin.
Oliver slept before we took off until we landed. THANK GOODNESS! He had a little melt down while everyone was boarding. To the excitement of all those around us, he fell asleep quickly.

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