Saturday, May 31, 2008

Zoo- May 5th

Larry and I took Oliver to the ZOO. We were so excited because this is the zoo that we grew up going to. It was amazingly nice. If we lived there, I would definitely buy a season pass. I sure wish we had something like this near our home. Larry had such a great time, he and his mom took Oliver back later that week. I'll post those pictures later.
A nice family stopped to take our picture.
Mommy and Ollie near the kangaroo entrance. Usually you can enter the exhibit at the gate behind me and interact with the animals up close, but since all of the joeys were still learning their surroundings, we had to stay out. Bummer! I have never seen one up close.

Larry and I took turns carrying Oliver in the zoo. He is amazingly heavy after carrying him for awhile.
We saw such a variety of animals. Here we are with the horses.
Oliver is excited to be sitting up so tall. It is a completely different world at daddy's level!
Couldn't pass up posting a picture of the monkey with a carrot in his mouth.
The trees were in bloom while we were visiting. It was a perfect timing. Our trees back at home and just finished their blooming and were almost green for the most part.

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