Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Circus came to town!

Larry and Steve were both on travel so Amanda and I decided to take the kids to the circus. It was pouring down rain! Although we were drenched, it didn't put a "damp"er on our fun!
Oliver was very excited the whole time. He sat in the Bjorn and just kicked away! He loved the noise and lights.
Amanda, Ryan and Maya waiting in line for Ryan to ride the ponies. He tried really hard to be a big boy but didn't really want to go for a ride once he got up close to them. After a few alligator tears (which made a really cute picture), he was excited to get to our seats to watch the show.
Trapeze dudes! They were really great to watch.
Elephants! Can't have a circus without them.
Check out Ryan in the background! He is so excited that he was able to see a TRACTOR. A tractor at the circus?? There was a stunt where 3 motorcycles rode around really fast in a big ball. Dangerous in my mind, but it was kind of neat! They brought the tractor in to pull the big ball out and Ryan thought that was the neatest thing. He kept asking where the tractor was! I guess our next outing will be the tractor pull instead of the circus!

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