Monday, June 23, 2008

A day at the Beach! - June 21st

We spent most of the day today at the beach! It was Oliver's first time! Here daddy and he are playing in the water.
He rolled off the beach towel and found himself in the sand. What a new texture! He couldn't resist playing in it. He is working at grasping little things with his pointer finger and thumb. It was a perfect way to practice!

I don't think the lotion tasted too good, but it sure was fun to play with.
Here are the girls catching some rays!
We went to Solomon's Island after the beach. We went into a few of the shops. How could we resist a crabby family picture?
All of us ended up wearing IU sweatshirts. We were all ready for a bon-fire that Larry was getting ready. SMORES was our cheer here!

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