Monday, June 23, 2008

A day out in the twin counties!

After church today we went to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise. We were able to eat outside on their veranda. It was a gorgeous day to enjoy being outside. After dinner, we went to two local wineries. The girls have never been wine tasting, so it was an awesome new adventure for them. I hope they had a great time. We purchased a few of the wines to enjoy while they are here!
Chrisy, Allison, Heather and Oliver at dinner.
Mindy, Oliver and Larry at Friday's Creek. It is a winery that is located in a neighboring county.
The girls were being a little goofy. This was the second winery! Needless to say, some of them snoozed on the way home.
These girls have their cell phones attached to their ears 24/7. I thought I was a cell phone addict until I saw them! I jokingly threatened them that I was going to steal their cell phones away for a couple of hours just to see if they could survive. All three of them got a little hostile when I said that to them. haha They couldn't handle it! Here they are at the winery out in the peaceful country, checking their cell phones. What silly girls! I just can't believe how quickly they can type a text message. I sound like I am 40! haha
Daddy and Ollie admiring the artwork of local artists.
Since we were driving past, Larry and I ran into the greenhouse/nursery to check out stone for a retaining wall. While we were gone, the girlies were attempting to keep Oliver entertained. (He was on the verge of getting fussy.) They tried everything until he became attached to the wine bottle. I guess it worked! We had better screen our babysitters from now on!
He looks so tan in this picture. I guess the beach worked!

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