Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!! - June 3rd

Ollie and I gave Larry Guitar Hero for Wii! He is SOOO good at it. I guess he has rhythm, unlike me! Hopefully, Oliver will inherit that from him!
Larry received Mario Kart from my mom and the extra steering wheels from my sister. He was so excited. He now has Wii games and some cashola! What a great birthday! His brother was on the phone while he was opening his presents. We had to put him in the picture!
We went to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse. Larry's mom and John were visiting while on vacation, so he was able to celebrate with all of us. It is the type of resturant where they cook the food in front of us at the table. When he lit the grill on fire, Oliver looked at it, looked at us, and then screamed! He was so scared. The cook felt so bad.

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