Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 17th

My mom, sister and cousin met me at work for lunch. They got there a little early and had fun with the camera. I downloaded the pictures from their cameras and there are over 400 picture from one week here. WOW! Here they are in the car before I met up with them.

Mommy and Ollie at lunch.
He was getting antsy, so I put a lid on his head to be silly. Usually, chewing on one keeps him entertained while we are eating out. I focused the camera and snapped the picture. When I put the camera on the table I noticed that he had spit up all over his shirt. I couldn't believe that he had done that and I had not seen him do it. Then it occurred to me that he probably did it while I was putting the camera away. When we looked back at the pictures on the camera, we realized that he had done it while I took the picture. The people at the restaurant probably thought that we were crazy. At one point, I thought my mom was going to stop breathing from laughing so hard.

Grammy and Ollie at dinner.
Aunt Christy bought a swizzle stick. We thought it may be fun to just freeze water in it instead of juice. Oliver was very entertained! I bet it felt really good on those upper two centrals that are giving him grief! (Did I say him, I meant us!) haha

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