Sunday, June 29, 2008

On your mark, get set....


Oliver has mastered CRAWLING! We are so thrilled to see him moving around the floor! He has been working on crawling for the past few weeks. He was able to get up with his hands but just couldn't get his knees underneath him. Then we saw him trying to get his knees to cooperate, but just couldn't get it all working together correctly. Finally, on Monday the 23rd, I saw him move forward for the first time. I was drying my hair in the bathroom and my necklace had fallen off onto the floor. He took 2 "crawls" for it. Now mind you, we have been walking around with the video camera strapped to our hand because we knew it was going to happen soon. Of course, the video camera was downstairs and I had a hair dryer in my hand. I yelled for Christy to come and she confirmed that it was official! We were both able to witness it! I kept chuckling to myself..."Wouldn't daddy be proud that he crawled for a necklace first." haha We took this video tonight so that we could share is newly mastered skill with all of you! In the video you can see that his mission is to get the remote control but catches all of us sitting with cameras and video cameras. He shows an interest in us, but then realizes that he is on a mission to get the remote and corrects his course! I just love to see him moving now! Oh how our lives are going to change! Baby Gates, here we come!!!!

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